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Dental implants help more than patients

  As the old saying goes, a smile is contagious. At our Hybridge practice, we are fortunate enough not only to witness the joy that a new, healthy smile brings our patients, but also the positive reverberations that a patient’s transformation has on spouses, children and family life. Conversely, family members can understand and feel […]

Texas A&M Prof Gets To The Root Of Dental Implants

  On the surface, we know that dental implants are popular. We may have heard about them from a friend or family member’s positive experience, and when we’re faced with tooth loss, wonder if they may be right for us. Or perhaps we’ve seen the ads. From digital billboards to glossy magazine pages, the bright […]

CAD/CAM Uses Computer to Make New Teeth

Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, or CAD/CAM, is a process that allows dentists to create teeth using technology. The stuff of science fiction is showing up in dental offices. Dentists and prosthodontists are using computers to make teeth, implants and dentures. It’s a process called computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, or CAD/CAM. Doctors Use IVF […]

Check dentist’s experience before getting costly implants

  Any dentist can do an implant, even without specialized training, and prices for the three-step process can vary widely. So check out a dentist’s success rate. Dental implants are taking off as an alternative to bridges, dentures and single-tooth partials. But patients should be cautious before jumping into the expensive procedure: All dentists can […]

Exposing implant dentistry myths

According to Louis Malcmacher, DDS, MAGD, every dentist can and should be an implant dentist. Don’t let these myths about implant dentistry hold you back from pursuing training. Implant dentistry is one of the most underused therapies, but it has a big potential patient market in North America. Some myths associated with implant dentistry prevent […]

Laser Treatment Saves Ailing and Failing Dental Implants

  For many people who’ve lost one or multiple teeth, dental implants are a great alternative to dentures because they feel natural and don’t decay. But having implants does not give you a free pass to forget about cleaning and regular preventive maintenance, said Dr. John Lanzetta, a periodontist at Madison Avenue Periodontics who specializes […]

Dos and don’ts for production growth: Help patients say ‘yes’ to implants

  It seems that most patients now know about dental implants and have at least a basic understanding of why they’re better than alternative treatments in most cases. Yet the cost still stands as a formidable barrier. In conversations with friends, through online searches, and sometimes even from their dentists, many patients have concluded that, […]